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"They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them!"

Add the following wonderful and useful links to your bookmarks. Hereunder you will find some of the best websites for you to navigate, learn, and enjoy.

Best Internet Sites 2010
Flickr - Share your photos and video. Watch the World.
Delicious - The tastiest bookmarks on the web.
Metafilter - A weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to.
popurls - The dashboard for the latest web-buzz.
Twitter - See what people are saying about...
Skype - Landlines, mobiles and everyone on Skype - one button calls them all.
Boing Boing - Mischievous fun for higher primate.
Academic Earth - Free video courses from leading universities.
YouTube - The leader in online video.
Technology Resources
Tech Republic - A Resource for It Professionals.
InfoQ - Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community.
Smashing Magazine - Delivering useful and innovative info to Web designers and developers.
About.com - A trusted information source with experts to help.
CNET - Tech News, Blogs and White Papers for IT Professionals.
ZDNet - Information Resources for IT Professionals.
Search Engines and Directories
Google - The Best
Yahoo! - Web Definitive Guide and Portal
Bing! - The new comer!
Islam and Islamic Resources
IslamWay.com - Islamic Websites Rank - Saaid.net - Kalemat.org - Gesah.net - D3wa.org - Twbh.com - Bilal Prayer (Prayer Times Software) - Discover Islam - Learn Arabic Language Online
Arabic Links and Resources
Raddadi - Arabic Websites Directory
Ayna - The Arabic Net Guide
Araboo.com - A premier Arab World directory
Maktoob - The Largest Arab Online Community (Yahoo!)
My Own Links
AtlasTours.Net - Jordan Handicrafts - Jordan VIP Tours - Jordan Tourism Coalition - Jordan Solar Systems - Rebeh for Investments - Grand View Resort, Petra - Petra Photo Gallery - Decorative Painting, Jordan - Salam Logistics & Supplies, Kuwait - mwe Maintenance World Ltd. Cyprus - DataBackNow Cyprus
More from AtlasTours.Net: Jordan Tourism Guide - Jordan Map - Amman Guide - Aqaba Guide - Desert Castles Guide - Jerash Guide - Jerash Map - Petra Guide - Petra Map - Wadi Rum Guide - Jordan Hotels - Amman Hotels - Aqaba Hotels - Petra Hotels - DeadSea Hotels - Holyland Tourism Guide - Holyland Map - Jerusalem Tourism Guide - Bethlehem Tourism Guide - Jericho Tourism Guide - Holyland Hotels - Syria Tourism Guide - Syria Map - Syria Hotels - Damascus Hotels - Aleppo Hotels - Palmyra Hotels - Lebanon Tourism Guide - Lebanon Map - Lebanon Hotels - Beirut Hotels - Jounieh Hotels - Iraq Tourism Guide - Iraq Map - Iraq Hotels - Sinai Tourism Guide - Sinai Map - Sinai Hotels

To suggest new resources or useful links, please contact me.