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"Our attitude towards life and work is what makes our life successful.
One of the best ways to learn is by teaching."

I've been working as professional trainer since 1992, teaching computer software, concepts, and programming languages. These days, I offer specialized training in variety of IT domains including but not limited to the following courses for individuals and groups:

Course NameDurationComments
Internet Intern5 Hours/5 DaysGroups Only
Building Websites6 Hours/6 DaysGroups Only
Adobe Photoshop10 Hours/10 DaysIndividuals/Groups
Adobe Photoshop Advanced6 Hours/4 DaysIndividuals/Groups
Adobe Photoshop by Example5 Hours/5 DaysIndividuals/Groups
Web Marketing Revealed2 Hours/1 DayGroups Only
Computer Viruses & Malware - Technology & Protection2 Hours/1 DayGroups Only
Windows 10 for Beginners10 Hours/10 DaysGroups Only

For more information or to arrange for an individual or group course, please contact me.