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"At every opportunity, tell the people you love that you love them. I love you all."

Here, you will find some nice images, jokes, funny caricatures, and useful free software tools. I will be updating this page on regular basis, so come back every often for a joy! Enjoy.

DownloadFile TypeSize
Top Management - Funny.. mostly realistic!Image40 KB
Earth Lights - Very InterestingImage205 KB
First Picture of Water on Mars - You will like it!Image28 KB
Japanese Proverb - Learn new languageText Image30 KB
Program User Wanted - Funny for ProgrammersCaricature7 KB
Marketing Strategy - Funny for Marketers and ManagersCaricature128 KB
Aging and Belt Height - Applies to You!Caricature69 KB
Attitude - Success FormulaText Image52 KB
Not A Bear - Nice OneCaricature18 KB
Catch Me - Nice TwoCaricature9 KB
Joining a Health Club - Loose Weight Know-HowCaricature13 KB
Healthy Fish - Don't be too much SmartCaricature60 KB
Unit Converter (Self-Extracting EXE File)Software Tool115 KB
WinTouch (Self-Extracting EXE File)Software Tool258 KB
Process Explorer v0.9 (Compressed File)Software Tool267 KB