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Business Services

"There is no substitute for knowledge. Knowledge generates ideas. And ideas.. more than money.. are the real currency for success."

In collaboration with my International business partners, I provide professional business services including market research, knowledge management, and course material development and publishing.

Market Research Services

Through my knowledge of the IT market in Jordan and the Middle East, and cooperation with local staff in the region, I can provide high professional standards and solutions in the field of Market Research. I offer strong understanding of the rapidly-changing market and can fabricate tailored research to enable my clients to take both macro- and micro- decisions and resolutions.

Knowledge Management

I can help you manage your market and customer information through the creation, implementation, management, support and utilization of knowledge- and data-bases, using state-of-the-art software solutions. Your data is one of your most important assets, but it doesn't look after itself: it requires ongoing processing and investment.

My software solutions allows you to:

  • Increase profits by targeting businesses that use your services and products.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy in the use of marketing resources.
  • Expand into new markets by acquiring information on new potential customers.
  • Trim marketing expenses by using the most cost-effective approach to develop successful knowledge- and data-bases.

Course Material Development

Whether you are teaching in traditional, technology-enhanced, or virtual classroom, I can help you compose, evaluate, modify and/or locate the course materials you want or need to use. With strong experience in running IT and software related courses myself, I can assist in reviewing, evaluating, producing and publishing course material produced locally or internationally, as well as to Arabize it and provide online version.